OceanCloudIn our world there exists a force which animates. This force manifests itself in everything around us. It is miraculous enough that anything should exist at all. That these things somehow become animate and alive is a miracle beyond words. An ocean of such miracles surrounds us and covers us in its beauty at every moment. I believe we may become reminded of this beauty through contact with the arts, particularly in the disciplines of painting and music; there, an imperfect portrait of this force can sometimes be achieved. The landscape, both cultivated and wild, can serve as a reminder of the beauty and power that exists beyond our grasp. There is always something happening in the landscape before us, and something is always about to happen. We are traveling along, almost unmindful of everything around us, when suddenly we are startled to see in a distant field a strange arrangement of color and light. We know that in a moment it will pass. Perhaps all we can manage to say is that it is beautiful. For an instant we feel the presence of the miracle once again, allowing itself to be revealed.

—Kevin Fitzgerald, May 2001